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Default Unable to read or load saves in Google Drive

I am attempting to store my Project 64 Saves in my Google Drive so that I can access the same native saves from different computers. However, when I try to do this, I get this error when loading, "Failed to open EEPROM." If I set the save directory to anything else, it works fine. It seems to happen mostly with Super Mario 64 and its hacks, but a few other game have the issue as well. Some games work fine, though. Project 64 also generates a log file, which contains this:

2018/11/23 02:22:10.788 22568,Error,N64 System,CEeprom::LoadEeprom,Failed to open (C:\Users\[MYUSERNAME]\Google Drive\Project 64 Saves\SM64 Star Road-00F5BCDD597DBC575B8811D5430BB353\SM64 Star Road.eep), ReadOnly = 0, LastError = 5
2018/11/23 02:22:10.788 22568,Error,User Interface,CNotificationImp::DisplayError,Failed to open EEPROM

What does "LastError = 5" mean? It is also worth noting that I was able to successfully put the saves folder in the Google Drive on different computer, but the one I'm using now gives me this error. This happens whether or not I enable "Unique Game Save Directory" in Project 64. With this enabled, Project 64 does create a unique directory in the Google Drive, but with no files in it. I am using version of Project 64, and the latest update of Windows 10 64-Bit.
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