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Default Kudos and Questions

First off, Kudos to the developers of this awesome emulator.

I am experiencing occasional slow downs and crashes but somewhat wonder if it has to do with the default plugins (I'm using 1.6 that comes with Jabo's plugs).

Or if it could be my old rig which has an AMD Athlon 2400+ processor, 1Gig Ram and GeForce 7300GT 512MB AGP card.

Anyways, I was going to query about the $20 Donation for 1.7 but after reading a bit here It looks like most people are using 0.38 from pj64k-blogspot ?

(Or a "1.6.1 Patch" which I'll have to search for)

So a couple questions, wanting to play stuff like Mystical Ninja, Banjo and Mario Kart

1. Should 1.6.1 be sufficient or should I go for 0.38?
2. Best audio and video plugs currently? (The 1.6 Jabo's are the best so far but still trying to circumvent slow downs all together)
3. Are my PC specs too low no matter what plugs I use?
4. Are you guys Kiwis?
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