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Hi. This isn't working for me and I have a few questions. (I'm a noob to this stuff)

I'm using of PJ64. You say: "(Note that some emulator versions, such as Project64 2.0, but not 2.1 and later, might end up attempting to read base-directory files from somewhere other than the "EXE folder".)" Where will it look then?

I can run the cgfui.exe file and select what I want, but nothing changes. It even generates the CFG file if it's not already there. Is the rsp.dll file in the plugin folder supposed to change according to what I selected after I press Save & Quit?

I can't go to Options > RSP because it says "Failed to read config". All my files are in the right place however.

Is there anyway you can just give me all the dll files it generates, so I can put the one I want in the Pugin folder manually? Is that even how it works? I can't tell because it wont work for me
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