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Originally Posted by Zapfy View Post
Well 2.x isn't allowed for speedrunning, so I'm trying to create a really good 1.7 setup. I've only ever used 2.x a few times and I just found 1.7 to be more stable I guess...
Lol so 2.x isn't allowed but 1.7 is? That's very odd if true. Mupen64 has better timing, so I'd definitely use that for a speedrun.

Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Rogue Squadron is faster than Mario. :/ Its RSP ucode is simpler in some ways than Mario's...heck it even enforces data alignment in the MusyX audio stuffs so that audio recompiler ops are less likely to break. It's only "harder" to emulate because HLE doesn't document it; that's it. Otherwise it's no worse than any other game.

So you found RSP instruction cache segments in the ROM itself?
Well if you don't see data memory too close by or linking to it saying whether it's audio and gfx, look for instructions like VEQ/VNE/VRCP*/VRSQ*/LTV/others. If you see stuff like that, there's almost no way it's an audio ucode. It must be something else, like gfx.
Alright thanks. I'll look for those instructions then . Wow I just realized, probably the reason why SM64 uses little power in HLE is because it's 30 fps. It all makes sense now! Even Quest64 is 30 fps. Lol before, I just thought games like SM64 was done efficiently .

Sometime this week, I'll do some reversing I guess . Hope I learn valuable information from it at the very least.
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