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Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Read previous post for earlier values and more info.

Object Mod Swap (continued)
81031410 0C02
81031412 4000
81090000 3C08
81090002 8008
81090004 DD08
81090006 xxxx
81090008 3C02
8109000A 8008
8109000C 2442
8109000E yyyy
81090010 FC48
81090012 0000
81090014 6408
81090016 0000
81090018 3C08
8109001A 8008
8109001C 2508
8109001E zzzz
81090020 5048
81090022 0006
81090024 0000
81090026 0000
81090028 2442
8109002A 0010
8109002C 3C08
8109002E 8008
81090030 DD08
81090032 xxxx
81090034 1000
81090036 FFF6
81090038 0000
8109003A 0000
8109003C 0800
8109003E C44A
24E8=Invisible Damage
24F8=Golden Pot?
2508=Open Flame Effect
2518=Big Flame Effect
2528=Tiny Flame Effect
2538=Cockatoo Prop
2548=White Bird
2588=House of Straw
2598=Car Tire
25B8=Large Twig
25D8=Fire Wick (can stamp it out)
25E8=Wood Building
25F8=Invisible Collision?
2638=Gargoyle Face
2648=Gargoyle Chunk
2668=Another Gargoyle Chunk
2678=Gargoyle Chunk
2698=White-Wood Edged Gate
26A8=Short Gate
26B8=Gatling Gun
26C8=Hole From Gatling Bullet
26D8=Gatling Shot Fire Effect
26E8=Red Gangster Car
26F8=Metal Plated Barrel
2708=Breakable Wood Barrier
2728=Paw Door/s?
2738=Locker Door
2748=Wooden War Jacks
2758=Tutorial Glass
2768=Cargo Crate
2778=Security Camera
2788=Secret Wall
2798=Holographic Screen Projector?
27A8=Itzyer Vault Door
27B8=Dumbell Bench
27C8=Breakable Wood Barrier
27D8=Gex Statue
27E8=Company Garage Door?
27F8=Different Gangster Gun
2818=Army Gex
2828=Astronaut Gex W/ Rocket (messy)
2838=Astronaut Gex (helmet?!?)
2848=Medical Bay Gex
2858=Hub World Bleeding Gex
2868=Title Screen Gex
2878=Dracula Gex
2888=Gex Eyes?
2898=Gex FlyMan
28A8=Extra Life Head (collect animation)
28B8=Hercules Gex
28C8=Ice Sculpture of Gex
28D8=Another Gex Ice Sculpture
28E8=Destroyable Sculpture
28F8=Chunkiest Sculpture
2908=Mexican Gex (riding mule pose?)
2918=Pharaoh Gex
2928=Pirate Gex A
2938=Pirate Gex B
2948=Little Red Riding Hood Gex
2958=Gex Anime Robot
2968=Roman Gex
2978=Scuba Gex
2988=Sherlock Gex
2998=Shrinking Gex?
29A8=Christmas Gex
29B8=Snowboard Gex
29C8=Gangster Gex (glitched)
29D8=Super Gex (Cardinal bird costume)
29E8=Gex In Tank (can't get this to mod character properly much like skateboard)
29F8=Tin Man Gex
2A08=Volt Gex
2A18=Wrestler Gex
2A28=Vertical Flame
2A38=Anime Girl Enemy
2A48=Big Black Cube?
2A58=? Visual Effect
2A68=Garbage Can (gangster hiding?)
2A88=Oildrum Barrel
2A98=Large Gold Carrier
2AA8=Super Hero Changing Booth
2AC8=Grenade Enemy
2AD8=Grey Boulder
2AE8=? Rope?
2B08=Invisible Hitbox? (destroyed)
2B18=Invisible Hitbox? (non-destroyable)
2B38=Green Cargo Truck
2B58=Glass Tubing?
2B78=Dracula Cape
2B88=Green Spit
2B98=Red Spit
2BA8=Super Gex's Wings
2BC8=Bear Head Wall Decoration
2BD8=Dopey Moose Head Decoration
2BE8=Bitey Gator Head Decoration (or is it crocodille)
2BF8=Skeleton Pirate (title intro)
2C08=Battling Skeleton Pirate
2C18=Other Skeleton Pirate
2C38=? Small Object
2C48=Another Small Flame
2C68=Leafy Plant
2C78=? Tiny Object
2C88=Space Satellite
2C98=Wreck Room Paw Platform
2CA8=Higher Paw Platform
2CB8=Taller Paw Platform
2CD8=Another Counter?
2CE8=Indiana Gex (immense lag and glitched?)
2CF8=Tiny Green Thing
2D18=Duck Target Crate
2D28=Pirate Skull Drinking Crate
2D58=Huge Pirate Skull Drinking Crate
2D68=Extremely Loud Pumping Object?
2D78=Detailed Sandcastle (can destroy)
2D88=Damaged Sandcastle
2D98=Beaten Sandcastle
2DA8=Mostly Smashed Sandcastle
2DB8=Destroyed Sandcastle
2DC8=Breakable Crate
2DD8=Non-breakable Crate
2DE8=Pirate Door
2E48=Small Object
2E68=Barbed Wire Fence (top actually damaging)
2E78=Barbed Wire Fence 2
2E88=Massive Pirate Ship Part?
2E98=Red Tipped Plank
2EB8=Weird Rocket?!?
2EC8=Rope Ladder (climbable!)
2ED8=Rope Ladder 2
2EE8=Pirate Paw Platform
2EF8=Lifeguard Chair Tower
2F08=Another Oildrum
2F28=Kangaroo Gex
2F38=Developer's Family Cube!
2F48=Bell on Wooden Post (marsupial stage/can't hit)
2F58=Bell on Branch (marsupial)
2F78=Gex Cola Soda Can Hazard
2F88=King of Clovers Card Collectable
2F98=Donkey Kong Koala
2FA8=Another Koala Kong
2FB8=Cartoony Ladybug
2FC8=Mansion Lamp
2FD8=Lounge Chair
3008=Crate (no collision)
3018=Gangster Lenny (big guy)
3028=Gangster Lenny With Crate
3038=Gangster Lenny Swimmin' Wit' Da Fishes
3048=Gangster Lenny Backstabbed
3068=Lizard of Oz Bot
3078=Lizard of Oz Boss
3098=Large Padlock
30A8=Game Logo
30B8=Mansion Lounge Couch
30C8=Alligator Minion
30D8=Level TV (no button/glitchy)
30E8=Level TV 2 (different pictures)
30F8=Level TV 3
3108=Level TV 4
3118=Machine Lever
3128=Mad Bomber's? TNT
3138=Belching Mailbox (sadly no animation plays)
3158=Map Icon?
3168=Map Icon B
3178=Map Icon C
3188=Map Icon D
3198=Real Barricade
31A8=Barricade B
31B8=Explosive Debris Effect?
31C8=Debris Effect 2
31E8=Tall Column
31F8=Tall Column No Top
3208=Whitewall Tire
3218=Tire Stack
3228=Large Tire Stack
3238=Breakable Window?
3248=Broken Window?
3258=Column Top
3268=Cracked Column Chunk
3278=Solid Column Chunk
3288=Large Slanted Platform
3298=Platform 2
32A8=Column Rubble
32B8=Column Top 2
32C8=Cracked Column Top
32D8=Yet Another Slanted Platform
32F8=Fighter Mech
3308=More Developers Having Fun "Megbox"
3318=Massive Metal Spider
3328=Metal Spider
3338=Golden Mine (no hitbox)
3348=Damaging Underwater Golden Mine
3358=Minecar W/ Gold
3368=Higher Underwater Mine
3378=Short Moving Water Mine
3388=Fire Lamp
3398=Roman Jar (vase?)
33A8=Smashable Barrel
33B8=Beer Bottle
33C8=Self Destructing Cage Door???
33D8=Cage Wood?
33E8=Mob Cash Pile
33F8=Another Mob Gun!
3418=Mob Lock
3428=Row of Money?
3438=Row of Money 2
3448=Single Dollar?
3458=Gunshot Effect
3468=Mob PoolTable
3478=Really Long Rope
3488=Mob Table
3498=Crate W/ Red Leaf (Canadian themed Crate?)
34A8=Large Square Crate
34B8=Two Large Crates
34C8=Tall Crate?
34D8=Another Crate Stack
34E8=Lifted Rectangle Crate
34F8=Blue Column Pedestal
3508=Plant and Flower
3518=Plant 2
3528=Large Roman Arch Roofing
3538=River Schticks Gravestone
3548=Metal Stairs?
3558=Metal Stairs 2
3568=A View to Achillies Sign
3588=Dr. Scrolls Ogre Eaters Sign
3598=Road To Ruins Sign
35A8=Creepy Mummy
35B8=Big Mushroom Stub
35D8=A Lantern
35E8=North Pole Sign
35F8=Nurde Beach Sign
3608=Another Wooden War Jack
3618=Purple Ogre Cyclops
3628=Toxic Waste Barrel
3638=Weird Oildrum (animates!)
3648=Another Oildrum (explosive one?)
3658=Open Empty Oildrum
3668=Warped Oildrum
3688=Rampant Fire Effect
3698=The Organ Trail Entrance Sign
36B8=Oz CannonBall
36C8=Oz Cannon
36D8=Palm Tree (originally used for fly coins)
36E8=Pansy Flower
3708=Paw Button
3718=Pool Ball (seizure party)
3748=Pirate's Flag (painful noises)
3758=Large Pirate Flag
3768=Pirate Frame?
3788=Doofy Looking Little Pig
37A8=Flying Pigeon
37B8=Normal Pig
37D8=Skeleton Pirate Captain?
37E8=Pirate Picture
37F8=Pirate "Poof"?
3808=Gun Powder Keg
3818=Another Plant
3828=2D TNT Plunger
3848=Green Pooltoy
3868=Wooden Post
3878=Power TV (health in this case)
3888=Metal Nailed Powder Keg
3898=Anubian "Priest"
38B8=Prisoner Post
38C8=C. Tack Inmate 109-73
38E8=Pirate Sword
38F8=Pirate Sword 2
3908=Stray Green Fly (health)
3928=Smoke Puff Effect
3938=Wall? (gate)
3978=Strange Platforms?
3988=Ramses Staff
39A8=Gex Egyptian Statue
39B8=Vicious Rat
39C8=Vicious Rat 2
39D8=Rat Sounds?
39E8=Roman Bed
39F8=Red Flower
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