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Oldskool procured codez!

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Most Objects and Enemies Missing
810004D4 1000

Distorted Models
80000783 0000

Broken Animation Models
8000078F 0004
07=Weird Poses
09=Crouch For Impressive Levitation Gex

Demented Gex
800007D3 00xx
02=Less Demented

Stiff Models
80000A95 0000

Sonic Run and Headbutt
80000AAF 00xx
FF=Sonic and Headbutt

Some Stiff Limbs
80000AB7 0011

80000AC3 0000

Unhinging Jaw Run
80000AD7 0004

Stubby Stiff Models
80000BCB 000A

Over Ambitious Models
80000BF3 0040

Bent Over Backwards
80000BF7 0043

Looking Up
80000C2F 0040
Use tongue button.

Attacked By Ghosts
80000C33 0043

80000C53 0006

Beyond Slideshow Model Corruption
80000C5F 0000
80085AE2 000D
Even with this lagfix line it still slows to a crawl.

Less Slow Corruption
80000C67 0002
80085AE2 000D

Stable Corruption
80000C6B 0006

Funny Corruption
80000C6F 0004
Similar to Geddan.

Freaky Spazzing
80000C73 0000

Stiffened Animations
81000C78 1000

Metamorphosis Running
80000C93 0000

80000C9B 0004

Exaggerated Animations
80000C9F 0000

Tough Movements
80000CA7 0040

Better Stable Corruption
80000CC3 0090
Attacking works better.

Silly Bent Animation Parts
80000CCF 0040

80000CF3 0040
Kermit: Dehhhhh!

Curling and Wrong Sizes
80000D07 0000

Reverse Curling
80000D0B 0000

Happier Dancing Candy Canes
80000D2B 0000

Hater's Gonna Hate
80000DA7 0040

Reserved Animations
80000DAB 0043

Vertical Licks
80000DFD 0000

Characters Seizure
80000DFF 0000

Stretchy Tail
80000ED7 0040

My Tail!
80000F0B 0004

Dramatic Poses
80000F17 0004

Dislocated Limbs
80000F1B 0004

80000F2B 0080

Awkward Tilting
80000F2F 0083

Twirling Animations
80000F3F 0005

Visible Distance Culling
800FDF36 0008
800FDF38 0008
800FDF3A 0008
Makes the distance fog weak enough to see culled wall chunks at a distance.
Can be changed to simulate widescreen but will have awful culling.

Bad Culling
81001204 2400
Potential clue for a no culling code!

No Map Visibility
8000120C 0024
All culled.

No Culling
810FDE54 1000
810FDE5C 1000
810FDE64 1000
810FDE6C 1000
Crashes Organ Trail.

Try with a widescreen sized view.

Widescreen View?
800FDF36 0008
800FDF38 0008
Crashes Organ Trail,one or the other or both cause it.

Camera View Distance Mod
810FDDFA xxxx
810FDDFE xxxx
810FDE02 xxxx
When pressing down-C.
044C=Close Default
0640=Middle Default
08CA=Far Default

Skip Cutscenes
810023B0 1000
Still get to see Gex say something.

Odd Level Object Conditions
800029E5 0000
Gex is not themed until a death,all versions of some objects appear such as Rex despite if he was already freed.
Downside is you can't pause and it in cinema screen size.
Triggering any cinema styled cutscene also locks pausing.

Skip Cutscene Camera Routine
80002CF7 0010
Still gets stuck on cinematic view's no pausing annoyance with levels like Cut-cheese Island.
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