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Hmmm I haven't seen this `VDCT`, explicitly in of its self used in the VICE MSP implementation of SGI O2 either, as temporarily supported by GNU assembler:

If you scroll down you will see that the GNU compiler collection supported the SGI vectops at one time ...

But, in lots of other vector stuffs done by Samsung and other individual documentations I see talk about DCT a lot, just not of that opcode.

Some other got omitted too by Nintendo,

LTWV (abbreviated by Michael Tedder was "LWV") was a standard SGI CP2 memory-register transactions opcode just like SWV under SWC2, but it was completely omitted from the ultra64 dev library and had no symbol references to it. LTV of course still exists, also VRNDN or whatever it was some of those other ops got omitted?
I don't know why, you would know more about patent responsbilities and financial concerns than I would so other than that I have no clue

I don't have a problem with it though the more omitted vector ops the more I can concentrate on what's there
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