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Savestates are saving and loading fine,but the savestate loading behaviour change is really bad,I can't use the memory viewer properly because it closes upon loading a savestate,please change this back for all events behaviours that worked in 1.7 versions.

I rely on loading savestates to make memory changes in my code hunts to make the effects work without needing to maticulously restart the whole game or having to use Interpreter that more likely freezes due to accurate emulation over compatibility.

Dammit,upon turning off zipped savestates,a breakpoint occurs when loading the non-zip one I just created for Donkey Kong 64 (U). (assuming Win10) Frig!

Break point found at
I think this is the same condition from a much older 2.x version that also breakpoints when loading non-zip savestates on Windows 7,I think it said VirtualMemory or something along those lines.
Please continue the effort of trying to find a fix for this,and please bring back the old behaviour of memory viewer staying intact for savestates.
I can live with zip savestates if it avoids crashes,but can't live without the memory viewer persisting between savestates.
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