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Default Audio Problems - Unknown Cause

I'm not sure what it is, but lately, the audio on Project 64 v 1.6 has been screwy. I tried switching to Zilmar's audio plugin, but it gave me the same screwed up sound. The sound sort of stutters, it repeats about a half second of sound endlessly. I haven't had this problem with any other program, so I don't think it's my sound card or drivers, but I copied the emulator to my other computer, and it worked perfectly on that one...

I have no idea what's going wrong with it, any thoughts?

Since I'm guessing they'll be needed, here's my laptop's specs...

Toshiba Satellite P205D
AMD Turion 64 bit Processor, 2.2 ghz
2 gb RAM
Vista Home Premium 32 bit OS
Realtek High Definition Audio, and ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio

Edit: It's also worth noting that when I start up any game at all, it has no sound at all. It's when I load a save state that the sound kicks in.

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