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Originally Posted by moffatt View Post
hi i just recently got project 64 and it worked fine for yoshis story but when i started playing mario party 2 the audio started making cracking noices every 3 sec, i cant possibly play with the noice happening so many times and i dont want to play without music since the music in the first mario party is so good. i have tried to fix it by looking at other threads but with no results. if anyone could help me fix the issues that would be amazing. for audio plugin i am using "azimerīs ds8 autio v0.70 wip 6"
Try with setting "Sync game with audio" in audio settings. It worked for banjo kazooie audio cracking problems.
If you readed this pls notify that I posted another question in this section so I get some answer for it because my answer here just bumped your simple issue on my thread.

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