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Banjo-Tooie (U)

Use this code with the Fast Transform Mod code in the previous post above or in page 103 otherwise.

Instant Transform
D003F428 0080
810C59F8 0C16
D003F428 0080
810C59FA C000
815B0000 3C0E
815B0002 8008
815B0004 81C2
815B0006 31B0
815B0008 1040
815B000A 0011
815B000C 0000
815B000E 0000
815B0010 8DC2
815B0012 31B0
815B0014 0002
815B0016 1200
815B0018 0002
815B001A 1202
815B001C 0002
815B001E 1080
815B0020 3C0E
815B0022 8000
815B0024 01C2
815B0026 1025
815B0028 FC40
815B002A 0F28
815B002C FC40
815B002E 0F88
815B0030 AC40
815B0032 0FEC
815B0034 AC40
815B0036 0FF0
815B0038 FC40
815B003A 1050
815B003C AC40
815B003E 1074
815B0040 AC40
815B0042 1098
815B0044 AC40
815B0046 10FC
815B0048 AC40
815B004A 1100
815B004C AC40
815B004E 1210
815B0050 FC40
815B0052 1278
815B0054 0803
815B0056 165A
815B0058 0000
815B005A 0000

No long wait for transformations! Looks bugged when transforming via Wumba but doesn't break it unless you try to press d-pad just after bouncing out which makes you get stuck.
A handful of things make the game freeze such as trying to transform when sliding,getting bitten/burned/harmed by sludge,and a few other sub-actions that share the action ID 98.
I hope to look into those and try to prevent execution of the custom code when in those conditions to avoid chances of freezing and update the code.
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