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If Gonetz and Olivieryuyu continue to work on reverse engineering and HLE-ing N64 video ucodes, it is arguable that LLE graphics will become redundant for general users. The sticking point is that GoldenEye and Killer Instinct require low level triangle rendering for skies and water. Glide64 and GLideN64 have a dodgy implementation copied from z64gl. That's why they can run in "LLE" mode. Fixing LLE triangle drawing is extremely low priority, but should be dealt with eventually. This would both fix GE/KI skies and allow for acceptable LLE microcode graphics emulation. There's no benefit to using LLE over an accurate HLE microcode, but the option would be nice, especially as it will be a while before every microcode is fixed.

Also, you can't just backport these HLE implementations to Glide64 and expect great results. Like, what's the point of having working dynamic lighting in Turok 3 on Glide64 when shadows and a bunch of other stuff is broken? There's just so much wrong with Glide64, and while I kinda respect anyone wanting to salvage something abandoned by both lead devs a decade apart, it's effort better put elsewhere, IMO.

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