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Old 16th November 2017, 03:25 AM
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Originally Posted by gamemasterplc View Post
@nonosoto heres mario 64 PAL widescreen.
Super Mario 64 PAL Widescreen GameShark Code:
81304898 3FBB
8126D564 1000
8126D588 1000
Menu Misalignments.
Edit: Paged by my reply.

PAL would (usually) be 50fps so that request would be even harder if literally that.

If you can pull that off for better fps on SM64,it would finally make it more of a perfect game.
I had found out that a few addresses trigger 60fps but the game runs too fast.
These addresses were technically found in the early years but I ended up with a simpler version that allowed double speed 60fps.

This and both Zelda games would be amazing with proper 60fps with correct physics but it has been a travesty of never finding a working solution.

SM64 just needs the game to slow down its pace and so does both Zelda games.
An alternate result for the Zelda games would be to use the physics breaking address for fps but hack the reads to force 20fps physics in 60fps mode for flawless engine harmony.
The problem is how hard this is to accomplish.
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