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Default How to assign Mouse Buttons


I've downloaded and tried Project64 and I am very pleased with it.

However, I am unable to assign any controls to my mouse. Assigning control inputs to any of my keyboard buttons works flawlessly, but should I try to assign any of the controls to my mouse, they won't register their inputs.

For example:

In Configure Controller Plugin...

If I wish to assign N64 button B to my Kebyoard button E, it works flawlessly and the input is accepted.
However, if I wish to assign N64 button B to my Left Mouse Button, the input is not registered and it 10 seconds ticks away.

Although I can use my mouse in the settings and menus of Project64, it appears it does not register my mouse when I try to use it for inputs.
My keyboard, however, works flawlessly and its inputs are never failed to be recognized.

I am using "Project64", and my controller Plugin is "N-Rage for PJ64"

Any help?
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I also would like to figure this out. Does anyone have an answer to this dilema? I just want to assign my left click mouse button as B for attack but it will not register. Any help?

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Just use the standard button configs and customise them.
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Anyone come up with an answer for this? Id rather be able to use my mouse than the keyboard.
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Works just fine for me using latest N-rage.
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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