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Angry Unknown Text Box. Cant Close It :S

hey guys, i was trying to configure a custom control sketch for ocarina of time and i must have pressed some sort of combination of buttons to create this text box thats fast becoming a nuisance.
Its a little black box with an icon on the left side that allows u to move the box around, and another little icon on the right side in the shape of a green arrow pointing down, it says "finalize the string" when the cursor is moved over it. below it are the nunbers 1-9 with asian characters......and i have no idea what this thing is but it wont go away and is always there to annoy me when im playing my game, as it pops up every time i press a letter.

Anybody know how i can get rid of this damn thing? and what the key-combo is so i can avoid typing it in the future?

Thanks guys - Jusumdude aka Nathan
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