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Old 7th February 2017, 12:58 AM
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Default densha de go 64 not saving progress or records

hello everyone,first post here

so,yeah,decided to try p64 again after a few years (think i used version 1.6 in the past)
currently using version
as the thread title says,the save function doesn't really work ?
at the game over screen you see the message "データセーブ中" (in the middle of saving data) but no save file is ever created
you can circumvent the problem by using save states of course but didn't see this issue mentioned in the wiki page
also,the audio occasionally speeds up for a while even if the fps counter is costantly at 60 (30)
not sure if this is a known issue of the emulator of it's something that specifically afflicts densha de go,will test other games in the next few days

(wanted to post a video of it but apparently i am not allowed to do so)
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