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Old 3rd February 2019, 12:24 AM
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Default Cant use "N64 Mouse" on Dezaemon or Sim City 64


I tried to use N-Rage's "N64 Mouse" with Dezaemon DD (Dezaemon Wedding from Zoinkity) and Sim city 64 (cart conversion), but ain't got no luck.

Tried to use both 2.3 and latest EmuCR build with the same results.

I also tried to follow LuigiBlood instruction on the comments section of this video:

He said: "Check N64 Mouse, put Mouse controls to the analog, A (Left Click) and B (Right Click), and set to Buffered Mouse in Devices tab. You may need to reset the game; the games only check the controllers at the start."

Well, I tried that, but nothing...
Anyone can help me? Thanks!

Ps: Also I recently discovered angrylion's rdp and it's so good, there's gonna be any version past r7? thank you
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