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Default Need help for controls

Hey Guys!

So I was wondering if it is possible touse my mouse left and right click for the Emulator an as controls.
I am completely new to the Emulator and downloaded it today.
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There's mouse configuration on the defaulted N-Rage input plugin in the latest 2.4 builds,but I don't remember exactly how the setup works because I have yet to actually try it out,even though it would make some impossible inputs become possible.

Its normal design was likely meant for the 64DD stuff but it may alse be meant for GoldenEye 64 as well with the mouse and keyboard setup.

The site for 64dd stuff (simply named 64dd org) has a guide for the whole setup that includes a section for N64 mouse but I am actually not sure if that also applies to being able to control regular N64 games via mouse inputs,again because I never tested it before.
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