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Old 8th March 2018, 09:03 AM
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Default I now know what it is to take cocaine (is this normal ?)

So, around 10 years ago I got interested about emulators and old games. I played the popular ones including SM64, made myself a folder with PJ64 v1.6 inside and a few french roms.

I've recently become interested in playing these old games again now that I got myself a gamepad for maximum enjoyment, and just did SM64 entirely with that old folder without asking myself too many questions.

But when trying other roms afterwards and encountering some bugs, I went ahead and downloaded the last PJ64 version with USA roms and tried SM64 again. HOLY SHIT.

Is this normal ? I feel like I'm on cocaine. Everything's really, really fast. Wayyy faster than before. I get that emulation has been perfected and as such is more efficient now, and that USA roms are faster than EU roms, but it almost feels unnatural. I didn't change anything in the settings. Is that insane speed what SM64 was like in the olden days ?

Also while the game took all my screen in v1.6 it now takes about 3/4 of it (1080p monitor).

Didn't see anything in the settings for both of these (speed & full screen stretch). Should I worry about it ? In any case, it feels better. I just wouldn't want to play a sped-up game because that'd go against the intent of the game's creators, you know.

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