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Originally Posted by ExtremeDude2 View Post
I can't help it if people are to lazy to google things XD
Yes, but I'm here trying to get my questions answered...I don't know anything about video plugins therefore just going to search for this wouldn't help me at all, and apparently it still hasn't as Rice's video plugin actually makes things worse (the trails that normally just disappear aren't there at all with that plugin).

I understand you guys must have answered these questions a million times over the years, so you've regressed to a state of "Here's a vague answer with a bunch of information you won't understand, now you do the rest" fact I looked around this site a little before I posted this thread...but everything I found was from threads from way back in 2008, I was hoping 4 years later that some fix could have been found for these problems.

I apologize if this thread was a burden to people, but a nice straight forward step by step answer wouldn't be a bad thing. I obviously did something wrong with Rice's video plugin, and I have no idea what D3D6 is that Squall mentioned, so help is very much needed on my part.

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