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Old 22nd February 2013, 07:43 AM
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Default "DirectX device is ready" Rice Plugin Error

So I've been trying to load up a texture using Rice Plugins, a couple didn't work giving me the very same error, and I'm almost positive I followed the instructions correctly, and I'll go ahead and explain what I did for information purposes.

I downloaded the "RiceVideo6.1.0c.rar" and extracted it.

Put the "BMGLibPNG.dll" in my "Project64 1.6" Folder.

Downloaded both "msvcp71.dll" and "msvcr71.dll", put both of them in the emu folder.

Took the rest of the contents of the extracted RiceVideo6.1.0c folder and put it into my "Plugins" Folder within the emu folder.

I made a "hires_texture" folder within the Plugins folder.

I made a "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA" folder containing an unzipped texture hack by Zeth.

I booted up P64v1.6, changed the video plugin to "Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.0".

Configured the Video Settings so that textures would load if available.

Loaded the OOT hack, "Zelda's Birthday" (Said to work with textures).

It all loads smoothly until it says "DirectX device is ready". At this point it sits there with a black screen and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Old 27th May 2014, 11:32 PM
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What settings are you using? This description won't help me unless you post at least an INI file for me to look at. May test Zelda with plugin soon and bring back results.

EDIT: I also posted a new thread for getting PJ64 working on atom notebooks, and since i include the video settings, those might help you out. here: Forum link

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