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Default Screen help

So I was about to play a game using project64, and I could only see half of the screen, the rest was at the top of my screen, like if it was dragged there. So I restarded Project64 thinking that the bug would be gone, but it was even worse, the screen was even higher, and I could only see an even smaller part of the screen, and after I restarted one more, I couldn't even see the screen it was lost up somewhere, and from all those bugs, I've never had the chance to change the view or something because I didn't see it, nor could I drag it because nothing happened. Can someone help me?
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Maybe your computer's resolution screwed up?

Mine does that sometimes when I'm playing Halo (some exception error).
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This sometimes happen with third-party plugins like Direct64 except what you are describing sounds more major...maybe there is something in the NVIDIA Control Panel pertaining to the filters in DirectX pertinent to the screen offset issue you just found then. Or there are OpenGL plugins, too.

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