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Default 60 FPS all modes

MK 64 (WIP 60 FPS hack)

81001890 2419
81001892 0001
81001894 2419
81001896 0001
80000FE3 0000
800014CF 0001
81001C90 240A
81001C92 0001
81001C94 240A
81001C96 0001
81001A38 2409
81001A3A 0001
81001A3C 2409
81001A3E 0001
80122CBB 001C or 0003C (not confirmed)

Thanks to retroben, Nintendo VC, and Sullivan - the 60FPS codes finally get their spotlight.

There are still places that the pacing needs to be addressed, and I am hoping that some debugging will eliminate some of the length of this code.

End credits, and winning cup play at double speed.

Great day to be interested in 60FPS cheats!! retroben ROCKS!!
Book recommendation!

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