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Exclamation Sound problem


Close to all of my games have their "sound cracking" while i am playing them.

Its really annoying!

I don't know how i can fix it.

Current version

All settings restored to factory.
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What are your system specs?

CPU, graphics, audio?

Here's a build with a commit reverted that caused crackling for me. I've also included a special build of Azimer's 0.7. Just extract it to your Project64 directory, overwrite your old Project64.exe.


Try it with Jabo's audio first (default). Let me know if reverting PR #984 fixes the crackling for you.

I've built a version of Azimer's to allow larger buffer as well. If you use the Azimer's 0.7 NEW plugin, set the Buffers to 5. Try enabling disable audiothread sleep to see if it helps.

If you still get crackling, try lowering the Backend FPS to 30, the lowest setting in this special build. Higher FPS settings means smaller buffer, lower latency, but increased chance of getting static crackles. Default is 90. Ticks on the bar are increments of 5. Try 30 - 40 - 60 etc.

Buffer setting changes don't take effect until you restart/reload the rom, or load a savestate. All other changes (checkboxes) have immediate effect.

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Thank you!

Everything works fine now! It was just to download the version you gave me in the dropbox link and set the plugin to the new one.

Thank you again!
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