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Default Star Fox 64 Crash!

'm having trouble with my Star Fox 64 ROM on my version of PJ64.

It's on the Macbeth level.The mission briefing and the screen showing the mission name
shows correctly,but when the level loads, I get a white screen and an error message
saying 'Failed to load word 0 2' or most of the time 'executing from non mapped space'
and the emulation stops.This level used to work on mine.I've tried a few other games
(Super Smash Bros.,Zelda:Majora's Mask,GoldenEye 007,Pilotwings 64)and they run fine,if a little slow.

I'm using the plugins that came with PJ64 Version 1.3:

Video: Jabo's Direct3D6 1.3
Sound: Jabo's DirectSound 1.3
Input: Jabo's DirectInput 1.3

I definitly think it's not the plugins,albeit i couldn't try Jabo's NVidia OpenGL 1.3 plugin
(I haven't got the right graphics card - I'll get to that),and when i used RCP's Direct3D
0.6 plugin, it rendered the game unplayable - the Nintendo logo doesn't come up, the Arwing on the title screen
is a massive silver triangle... and all the other plugins in Sound and Input work perfectly.

Here are the settings i have in PJ64:

PJ64 Options:
Start emulation automatically after ROMS are opened
Pause/resume when main window loses/gains focus
Settings in INI files take priority over settings below
ZIP compress all save state files automatically
CPU core: Interpreter
Self modifying code handling: chk mem & cache
RDRAM size: 8MB expansion (so the games look better)
Speed limiter : 60HZ NTSC (It's better than 50HZ)

Game INI File:
RDRAM size : 8MB expansion
Save type: Auto-detect
CPU core: Compiler
Self-mod code handling: Cache
Speed limiter: 60HZ NTSC

Video Plugin Config (Jabo's Direct3D6 1.3):

Rendering Device: Direct3D HAL
Windowed Resolution: 400x300 (Afraid to say too slow in full screen)

Enable Fog
Chang blending mode if invalid for video card
I let the ROM change the other emulation settings.

I turn everything on in Advanced (I turn them off so GoldenEye 007 works properly),and
the Frame Buffer Emulation is Auto.
I only turn off Enable Fog for SSB to work properly.

Sound Plugin Config (Jabo's DirectSound 1.3):
Sync Sound

My computer settings:
OS:Windows 2000 NT Professional
CPU: 195 MB of RAM (not a lot,but enough to make PJ64 run)
Memory:190 MB
Processor:Intel Pentium III,1 GHZ
Graphics Card: Intel(R)82815 Graphics Controller V.6.13

Like i said before,i don't think it's the plugins causing the problem.
I might be wrong,but i've got a feeling it's the emulator that's the problem.

I have a Quick Save state at hand (loads the game a few seconds before it crashes) if you
guys need it,under the name 'StarFox64 - NonMappedSpace - Neoware' but i'm afraid i have no error log.

Please look into it,guys,it's one of my favourite levels in a brilliant game.If you need
to contact me when i'm away from the PJ64 website,don't hesitate to use my E-Mail address:

Thanks in advance,

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