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Default Appreciation

Hi all, hope you're well. Hopefully this doesn't get viewed as spam but if it does then it does and you can do what you need with it.

I'm just posting to say a MASSIVE thank you - so freaking much - to all the developers, testers and everybody, really, who's ever contributed to Project64. (and/or anything else in the realm of emulation)

I've been using Project64 for over ten years now, and honestly, the amount joy that it has brought me is practically unrivaled. It actually pisses me off to see threads made by ungrateful imbeciles who didn't contribute a thing, don't know how to install a program then feel justified in attacking everyone else for it.

But whatever, scumbags will be scumbags I suppose. Anyway, again, thank you HEAPS, you're awesome and keep doing what you do.

PS. Where should I go to donate toward this project, and if I have some suggestions then should I make a new thread regarding each one or just jot them all in one? Cheers in advance!
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