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Default Please help!!!

Hello, I am at the point of busting my head against the wall here trying to get my N64 controller to work on project64.

So I downloaded the latest Nrage file. Moved it into the correct input file in project64. I open project64, go to options, settings, plugins, input controller plugin, and the only option still is N - RAGE For PJ64: shows up.

When I go to options, Controller plugin, it shows at the top: N-Rage input v2- configuration. I cannot change this. I go to Controller 2, and it allows me to map all of my N64 buttons to my N64 control so it is picking it up. I select, USE and save the settings... Yet it doesn't now pick up the controller in-game and only picks up my mouse and keyboard?

On devices tab next to controls is says, Mouse x and y are buffered 100%, the keyboard no option is highlighted, gamepad says 5%.

I have been searching for help and answers for months... LITERALLY!! Can't find anyone who can't get N-Rage to show, but who can map the buttons, yet won't pick up in the program?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Show a picture of your settings.
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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