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Old 3rd August 2016, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
It's worked fine with Mupen64 32- and 64-bit on either Windows 7 or several Linuxes that I have used the plugin on.

If you're talking about Mupen64Plus, I don't know anything about their affairs. Maybe that has something to do with whether OpenEmu may install this, or maybe they will bypass them and do it anyway. I would ask them.

I'm sure there are more meaningful discussions than in this thread about shaders, since I've been opposed to them for quite some time. My only interest in shaders is to use the programmable pipeline for probable blitter speed benefits in the next release of this plugin.

Filtering is just what was worked out by angrylion to be accurate to the hardware's DAC; they are not by me and they are not OpenGL filters, just N64 ones to be pixel-accurate. Anything concerning the usage of modern OpenGL or Vulkan would interest you more in some new work being done at RetroArch to recreate angrylion's plugin with some hardware-accelerated rendering in it, which is not the case here.
Hi I new about the Plugins and the best perfomance to play X game.

Please clear me something I have a doubt. HatCat's pixel accurate plugin is the same or You changed the name by angrylion or it's a different one?

In other forums talk's about this pluggin make it work 100% the Rom, named Body Harvest it's that true? Please is the Rom work better could you please tell me how I can install it and wich emulator i can use to make it work?

Because if that true this is a great step to the emulation of N64 Roms.

Kind Regards.
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