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Old 3rd August 2006, 01:28 PM
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Default build45 with new core posted

OK, build45, the most significant change since 1.7x started, is now in the Beta Downloads section. Huge amounts of the source have been modified for this version. I think Zilmar has done some sterling work and it runs well (other than the time spent compiling, which has been slower since 1.6 - more on this later) and is generally quite stable w/o much (any?) lower game compat; but you'll have to tell us? for now you'll need to change ROM Settings yourself because the RDB is not correct for all the new settings - nor will it be for some time. Please read this new FAQ for a start and anything else interesting or bad post on the forum!

The two most important changes for most users are probably:

  1. The new core function method Hash table being smoother for some games like Goldeneye, we think, and perhaps others. Hash table also does not need as much SMM (Self Modifying Code Handling Method), so you can leave Protect Memory off for more smoothness. it's not obvious though, that Perfect Dark and Conkers seem to prefer the old Lookup table method and Protect Memory. Please try things and let us know what you find - there are lots of options to play with now!
  2. Fixed Audio Timing is now useable (no longer dies when loading states) and lets you disable the FPS limiter. So although it was available before, now it's on by default. Aswell as giving better sound quality this is exciting (to me at least) because it's the start of accurate sync for netplay and many other good side benefits
Warning: new core not finished! ABL is OFF by default in build45 because most games won't work with it yet. We wanted to give you a taste of what's going on rather than waiting for ABL to be working with every/most games.
Therefore expect the core to be 10-40% faster (!) depending on game when ABL is on and working (although it increases compiling time, hopefully zilmar can work on this aswell). Try turning it on and for some games where it works you'll see the difference.
I guess, what we'd really like to know from you is:

  1. Are any games broken? If you disable ABL, are they still broken?
  2. Can you get any games running better than in v1.6? If so which settings work best?
example from Gent: 1080 should no longer have those occasional pauses from Protect Memory in all previous versions of PJ64*
example from me: Banjo-Kazooie no longer has the weird timing problem where it hung at the door in the intro if the speed limiter was off.
Hopefully you can find more good things, thanks very much in advance! Now i'm off to try this build myself and see if everything's working as it should.
*Check Beta Downloads often for updated RDB please as we get more settings right.
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