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Old 15th August 2013, 01:13 PM
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Default Lower C Button not setup-able within the emu

I'm having a problem with the lower c button not being recognised by Project 64.

I've got a 2 controller N64 Usb adapter and two N64 controllers connected.

I had the same problems setting up the 1st controller.

For some bizarre reason this was overcome by connecting another controller and using that as the N64 Player 1 controller.

Therefore my problem is with setting up the first controller as player 2.

All buttons can be setup except the bottom C button.

When I check on the native windows controller app I can see that the button is functional as z+ axis so it's not any physical problem with the button not working.

I've also got a 2 controller PS 1/2 adapter connected to this machine.

Any help would be appreciated guys.


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