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Lightbulb Transfer Pak Game Boy Camera Support

LuigiBlood helped Project64 emulate the 64DD. Project64 went to v2.3-202 to have the change be official (the earliest known version I know of where it started to be supported). I messed about with Mario Artist: Paint Studio and found out that the game is compatible with the Transfer Pak by using the Japanese Game Boy Camera (called Pocket Camera).

I think in this mode it can use the camera directly without ever having to boot the game. My only proof is the below screenshot I took myself using N-Gage's input plugin:

I think this is what is happening is because running Game Boy Camera in BGB displays something similar:

My only request is to find a way for N-Gage's input plugin be able to use the computer's webcam. There have been experimental unofficial builds with Game Boy emulators doing just that, but nothing for N64 because only one game uses it. If I am wrong how this works in Mario Artist, let me know.

If this is already known by the devs, sorry. Didn't know. It's such an obscure emulation case.

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Default N64 Controller Expansion Port Compatibility

I'm not sure what programmers can do but I only have one solution to try. However it involves authentic hardware. Namely, an actual Transfer PAK, an actual Gameboy Camera (likely the Japanese Pocket Camera) and of course an N64 controller and an adapter. A SPECIFIC controller adapter.

The adapter in question was created by Raphaël Assénat. Beyond simply allowing one to use their N64 controller on PC it allows the use of genuine RUMBLE PAKS. That however was improved upon as he has created a custom Project 64 plugin. Because of this recent breakthrough one can now freely use Control PAKs (MemPaks) and Transfer PAKs!

With that in mind, what can be done for Pokemon Stadium is that you can play your REAL Pokemon Gameboy games through Gameboy Tower! This leads me to believe that there is a chance that using the Transfer PAK, the Gameboy Camera, and a Mario Artist: Paint Studio ROM may prove fruitful.

Now, don't of course take that last part as gospel as most expansion port accessories have proven to FULLY WORK as intended; they work as if your using the actual system. I'd test myself, but I don't have a Transfer Pak or Gameboy Camera anymore .

HERE is the link the the site that sells the adapter (and various others). The link is for a singular adapter, but a two player one exists as well (latter of which is required if you're ever to use Densha de Go! 64). Even if what you're looking to do doesn't work it's still a great investment, IMO. It offers an authentic overall experience unparalleled by other adapters and an experience second only to using an actual N64.

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That Sounds Be Cool Feature
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Default Transfer Pak Game Boy Camera Support

Here is a few pictures of what a Game Boy Camera insides looks like. I dont know much about the hardware but hopefully someone does and it helps them.
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