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Default Hey, new to this, lookin for help.

Hey, I'm new to using emulators and stuff like this, and was looking for help with an issue I am having. When I set a directory for my N64 ROMS for project 64 it crashes the software whenever I run it. I can't change the directory because it freezes, so all I can do is close the program. I could reinstall the program I guess, but I would lose all of my save data, right? Or, is there a way to keep my saves, or some other thing.
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The ROM directory is stored in Config\Project64.cfg.

You can try editing it manually to add your directory.

[Game Directory]
Use Selected=1

If that causes a problem, you might have some files in your ROM directory that Project64 doesn't like. Like duplicate ROMS in different named zips or something. Try unzipping all your roms into a fresh folder.

Instead of reinstalling, deleting these files will put it back to new, as if it was a new install. Running after this you will get the first run wizard again. You lose all your settings, but keep your saves.

del Config\Project64.cache3
del Config\Project64.rdn
del Config\Project64.sc3
del Config\Project64.zcache
del Config\Project64.cfg

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Default thanks

thank you, I got it to work again, and I found the save data, so thank you again.
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