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Old 29th December 2018, 05:36 PM
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Default Saved Controller Configs for Multiplayer ISSUE

Hello, I have come across an issue which i cant figure out how to resolve. I am using Project64 version I am using PS4 controllers wirelessly using DS4windows. Everything single player works great, and even in multiplayer its fine, but the issue happens when i swap to a different multiplayer game with different controller configs. You see I configure my buttons differently for each game (eg my mario kart controller layout is different to my Goldeneye controller layout). So let me explain:

Lets say I'm playing Mario Kart multiplayer for the first time. I configure each controller and save each profile separately (eg mario kart 1, mario kart 2, mario kart 3, mario kart 4) and everything in the game is working great. I can even close project64, turn off my controllers, and then later turn everything back on and all my controllers have remembered their settings and it works great.

Now let say i put on Goldeneye multiplayer for the first time and configure and save each controller (goldeneye 1, goldeneye 2, goldeneye 3, goldeneye 4). I start playing the game and again everything works great

BUT here is the issue. lets say after Goldeneye I want to go back to Mario Kart. So i change each controller to my saved mario kart profiles i made earlier (mario kart 1, 2 etc) but then when I turn on the game, only ONE of the controllers is responding, and it seems that one controller is using multiple inputs for the same input (eg if i press left once on the character select screen, it moves across 3 characters instead of 1).

So at the moment my only solution is re-configure each controller every time a play a different multiplayer games. This is very time consuming and annoying for a games night.

PLEASE if anyone knows how to resolve this I will be so grateful!

Many thanks, Amar
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Old 30th December 2018, 02:23 PM
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What controller plugin are you using?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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Old 30th December 2018, 04:52 PM
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Hi my issue is now resolved! I was using the standard N-rage plugin, but I then tried the older Jabo's directinput7 1.6.1, and this gives the option to select which controller you want your saved config to effect from a drop down menu on the config page. This means I now only have to save 1 config for each game (rather than a separate config for each controller), and then load up that config on each controller.

But the main thing this resolved for me as that my configs work correctly across all controllers now, even after I change to a different multiplayer game (which was my original issue with the default plugin).

Now to make this EVEN better, it would be great if project64 had an option to link a controller config to a game, so that it automatically loaded that config when you open that game. But anyway i happy with the solution I have now
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