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Default Translation reference bug

Tested on PJ 1.6 , 1.7 & 2.2

Only PJ 2.2 has this issue AFAIK (didn't test on other 2.x versions);

In the ROM browser, under the field "Good Name", normally the unknown ROMs not verified as good dumps/not present in the RDB, will show the following message(from line #340# in pj.lang files):

"Bad ROM? Use GoodN64 & check for updated RDB"

When the bug occurs, that message will be replaced by "#340#", as a line reference for the missing message(quoted above) which is supposedly in the selected/default pj.lang file for the emulator to use.

How to reproduce it:

1. Make sure you have a ROM in the ROM browser identified as unknown by the "Status" field.

2. Options > Settings... > ROM Selection > Change the order of the field Good Name to any different position other than the 1st.
Apply the changes.

3. Notice how you have "#340#" displaying instead of "Bad ROM? Use GoodN64 & check for updated RDB".

Note: This is reversible, you can go back to ROM Selection and put Good Name back to its original position.

Workaround: Don't move Good Name field from the 1st/default position.

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your right, it would be only in 2.2 as it is using the #340# string to allow the change of language right away.

ok fixed this in this fix:
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Thank you.

I only know Java to a certain extent, but looking at that code change now I feel like I could have done it myself. Doesn't seem as difficult as I thought.
Maybe I will stay around and learn some things on emulation.
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#340#, bug

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