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Default Rom bug

So im trying to make multiple roms with different things in them however when i do all the data from one rom goes to another example: i download the same rom twice (One for cheating and one for normal play.) so say i use some cheat codes in my cheating rom the i go to my normal rom and the cheats are still there. another example would be: if i were to cheat to get all 120 stars in slot A and then go to my other rom for normal play that same 120 star file is in slot A. So it appears you can't have two of the same rom with different data! So is there a way to make it so you can? (p.s also different versions of project 64 have different files in the slots.)
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Well they are the same game so of course they share the same things...
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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Just use 2 different Project64 folders. One for cheats. If you save with cheats, it will load with the cheats.

Once you cheat, there's no going back. You're doooooommmmmdddd.!!!!

Cheats never prosper. Unless your surname is Rothschild.
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bug, super mario 64

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