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Old 26th December 2009, 01:40 AM
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Default N64 USB plugin + classic controller help

Im trying to configure my classic nintendo 64 controllers with a usb plug in I just got. I am trying both the Jabo and Nrage plugins and both are doing the same thing. I had it working at one point but then it stopped working once I unplugged it.

I dunno if it is not working because I had some imitation classic controller or because its the plug in or what. Any one have the best guide or the best set up to use?

I have the buttons set up. Just when I play the ROM it automatically hits button and stuff like its not detected? And when I am configging my controller, my start button always gets set even though I am not pressing it. And I tried doing it with the controller upside down so the button is falling down

classic, config, controller, setup

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