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Old 5th February 2017, 06:58 PM
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Default Support for this app from iOS - streaming from PC to iPAD

as I explained in these 3 links:




I've been using this app:

To stream contents from my PC to the iPAD. This is how a game looks like in it:

However, when it comes to Project64 this is what I am gettng here.

First of all, my monitor uses 1920x1200. In the emulator settings I use:

Windowed res. 1152x864
Fullscreen res. 1920x1200
Fullscreen sync Double Buffer

Also: disable "go into fullscreen mode while opening a ROM".

It's better to leave that last option turned it off, because it isn't working with this app. Using this windowed resolution, I get these results while trying to use (all these pictures were also taken from my iPAD):


As you can see from the MKM: Sub-Zero image, the PJ64 window does not fill the entire screen, but the windowed resolution is enough for us to almost do it in the app. With another modification done in Windows we are able to hide the taskbar, too.

And to use PJ64 I didn't open any game while using the PC. I only established a connection with the app and then did that.

And there's also the fact that if we try to open a 2nd game (or the same game again) it will become muted.

If you have paid attention to the first 3 links you'll see that most emulators are not working properly or not working at all the way I intended.

There are two bugs here and it was proven this is not caused by either the app for the iPAD or some specific config from the emulator:

1) Sound becomes muted when you try to open a 2nd game
2) You can't go fullscreen in the app.

Both bugs are not happening with Dolphin, the GameCube emulator, yet the 1st bug I believe it happens with the PlayStation 2. PS1 (ePSXe) as far as I remember don't have these problems.

You may have also noticed that the bug #1 was fixed only in one of the dev. versions from Dolphin, released AFTER the 5.0 official one.

I am not a developer, so I have no idea what needs to be perfected in PJ64 or all other apps for this to work. All I know is that by fixing all of these you will facilitate that people like me can stream contents from any PC running Windows to an iPAD.

There is no other method or app (that I know) that can do this sort of streaming. I tried Teamviewer but the app itself is flawed, it has severe lags.

I was planning on buying a DS4 controller to play all games while leaving the PC turned on, in my bed, using a tablet stand.

The fact that only a few emulators are working properly was a major turn off for me.

At least PJ64 allows us to almost fill the entire iPAD screen. This isn't perfect, but it's great nonetheless.

A few emulators won't even work in such scenario. For example, none of the ATARI emulators work. SSF (Sega Saturn) closes automatically, and ZSNES returns a Direct3D error (BSNES works, but it's nowhere near good).

Can you shed some light why this is more complicated than it appears? For someone totally ignorant about this it would seem this is a lousy job from developers, but I don't think this is the case. It sounds simple, yet I am sure it isn't by a long shot.

P.S. One thing I would like to mention is that I noticed a slight delay while playing Sub-Zero's game (maybe only in the sound), yet I don't notice the same thing playing GameCube or PS1. Maybe it's some setting or complication of doing all this that I am not seeing?

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Old 25th February 2017, 02:00 PM
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For the record, I created a wiki where I posted what emulators and systems are actually supporting this app:

microsoftremotedesktop . wiki-site . com/index.php/Microsoft_Remote_Desktop

There's also this thread from the link below that is useful to explain how this app works, so what I am suggesting should be easier to understand if you wish to implement something new in future releases of this or any other emulator.

atariage . com / forums/topic/262536-microsoft-remote-desktop-no-support-for-atari-emulation/

(Remove spaces from both URLs)

I don't understand all this technical stuff, and from the looks of it (correct me if I am wrong) I believe the problem with PROJECT64 (and some other emulators) is only the lack of the same options that other emulators such as Dolphin, ePSXe, PCSX2 and SNES9x already have.

So in other words it's not something that needs to be fixed by Microsoft, instead it's up to the PJ64 developers.

P.S. Mupen 64+ for the emulator Bizhawk is capable of sending the games fullscreen, however this emulator lacks the same options PJ64 has, and it can't run Resident Evil 2, for example.

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