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Its a nice gesture, but there are several GFX bugs with that hack. I hope that someone takes the time to add the missing animation frames to the models, and sort the camera bugs out.

Loads of work still left for Kaze. I hope that there was enough of a response from the community to have him sort through the issues.
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Hello to everyone

Can someone make a code to force 60 fps on the game "Tsumi to Batsu - Hoshi no Keishousha" (Sin and Punishment: Successor of Earth) ?

Playing this game at 60 fps would be amazing

EDIT: You can unlock an option (when you complete the game) to play at turbo speed, (the fps meter says 60 fps) but
the game goes double speed. It would need a slowdown code to accompany its overly-fastness

Master Code:

F1046150 0000
F1046152 0000

Unlock All Options:

81075DD8 FFFF

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Default My 60fps Compendium

Now you can see why it never made it to PS3 and Xbox360. Wii U has 1gig of ram compared to Xboxs 512 and PS3 256. PS3 would have 6 cars on track to run at 30FPS.
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Bad luck,its another one of those games that uses software functions to make it 30fps.
Mega Man 64 is another one of those cases,also seems to appear a lot on many other Japanese exclusive games.

You can observe this with the cheats below.

TSumi No Batsu - Hoshi no Keishousha (J)

Frame Rate Timing Control?
80060C03 00xx
80060C33 00xx
01=Fast 60fps
02=Default (30fps)
03=20fps (makes audio lag,unless correct settings are used,then it becomes a lag removal code with oddball fps inaccuracies)
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