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Question Loading Save States and Locked FPS?

I upgraded to the newest version of Project64 after several years of using the old version. I have two questions/issues that I would appreciate anyone to help me with.

For save states, I cannot find a way to easily load save states. Before you could quick save and quick load states like you can now. However you could also manually save states and manually load save states. Is this no longer a feature?

As a work around I found that if I quick save, then copy the file name exactly to the save state I want and swap file locations I can still load them, however this seems tedious when in an older version it was done easily.

For FPS, before there was an option (F4) to turn off FPS limits. For some games (specifically Ogre Battle 64) this allowed you to speed up time in game. It seems this feature was removed. Is this really removed or has it simply been embedded further in?

Seems strange to me they would remove features from a newer version... If both of these are truly gone, is there some place I can get an older version of Project 64 with these features still?
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Press Ctrl+S to save and Ctrl+L to load (they will work even if they are not in the menu).

For the unlimited FPS enable them in the video plugin and will work using F4
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