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Old 23rd July 2018, 02:09 AM
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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Solid Black Objects
8001218F 0034

Broken Plane Physics
8001219F 0000

Stiff Characters
800121BF 0001

Odd Lighting
8001221B 0000

Combined Image Madness
80012373 0090

Flat 3D Stuff
80012377 002C

Long Necks
810123CC 0000
810123CE 0000

3D Object Transparency Mod
810123E4 2408
810123E6 00xx
40=Very Transparent

Transparent Racers
80012403 0001

Transparent Objects
80012407 0000

Glitchy Lighting
8001247B 0008
Seizure warning.

Bright Areas Dark Objects
80012497 0044

Alt Bright/Dark Stuff
800124A7 0000

Bright Taj and T.T.
800124B2 00FB

Red Tint Taj
800124CF 001C

Alt Bright Taj/T.T.
800124FF 0000

Extra Things Visible
81012D70 240E
81012D72 0000
Note the red sphere on zipper arrows.

More 2D Shenanigans
80012DB7 0004

2D Sprite Insanity
81012DB4 240B
81012DB6 FFFF

Giant Stuff Insanity
80012DC4 00E4
Collisions of large sized things,prevents you from entering areas.

Exponentially Growing Racers
80012DD3 0030

Alt Exponential Growth
80012DDC 00C4

Another Broken Plane
80012E33 004C
Taj can bully you if you talk to him after changing to the plane.

Broken Plane
80012E37 0000

Terribly Broken Vehicles
80012E47 0004

Rotating Vehicles
80012E57 0004

Visually Floating Vehicles
81012E94 0000
81012E96 0000

Vehicle Ground Height
81012ECE xxxx
3E80=Partly Underground
4000=Slightly Above Ground
4080=Above Ground

Sharp Turn Gives A Small Jump?
80012F1C 00C4

Flat Drift Influence
81012FD8 240A
81012FDA 00xx
Pause for a bit to be displaced.
02=Up (sometimes down)
0A=Not Flat Float

Possessed Vehicles
80012FEF 0006
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