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Default Problem with multiplayer online

Hi guys, I need your help

I need your help, in this period of forced quarantine I would like to play online games with Project64 but my friends cannot connect to the games I host.
I have tried everything:
- I opened the ports of the router of my static IP
- I enabled DMZ so the router forwards packets of all services to the DMZ host. (it means that all my port are open)
- I have Project64 2.3.2 (AQZ NetPlay) and when I host a game (/host 27886 for example) no1 can join with my IP.
- I tried with Hamachi and I have the same problem, PCs communicate perfectly within Hamachi but cannot connect to the host game.
- I tried to host a game also with Project64k and Kaillera in P2P with no results.
In my PC there are no antivirus and all firewalls are completely disabled.

What do you recommend me to do? If I connect to public clients the ping is too high and the game goes almost immediately in desync even if I decrease the number of frames.

I thank in advance anyone who will be able to help me
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Is anyone else able to host? I don't think any form of online play is really supported here.
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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