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Old 10th January 2011, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by RadeonUser View Post
When squall said "check out this site", how do you know he wasn't implying agreement with the post above his? It does look like an advertisement though given squall's level of detail.

Originally Posted by RadeonUser View Post
Every time I check the forums 60-80% of the time it's mainly spam and posts that have not been completely thought out.
If both post #12 and #13 are defined as spam, that's less than 10% of the full thread. Thus, that's not a valid example of a time that you did sign on and see "mostly" spamming.

Originally Posted by RadeonUser View Post
This thread should've died at post 3 but the OP came back and made a comment.
I personally consider posts 25 and on purely unnecessary, the ones before it are tolerable since they do mention things about back flipping, what the OP's comment was about.
THAT, is a valid example.

Currently that's one of two non-Open-Discussion threads me and that crazy-ass tatertot are still being dicks in. The other forums currently, last I checked, do not have derailing discussions. I'm not saying they haven't in the past.

Originally Posted by RadeonUser View Post
That's very general.
Yes, the range of posts is "4 to 11", but you should know that posts 5 and 9 do provide valid help, not really post #7 though cause that sort of explains my idea in post 5, whilst in response to a source in derailment.

So that's 5 or 4 posts out of the full thread that are spam, which again is not "mostly spam" or even let alone 60-80% ratio.

Originally Posted by RadeonUser View Post
The sad thing is these posts outweigh the actual help that's being offered.
I've considered massive pruning to clear out the spam and may do it one day but it wouldn't help for long, this community just doesn't seem to understand, care, or know how to make constructive posts.
If you want to know how to do something in Project64, you would seriously rather your thread never existed and remain ignorant than to get your question answered and have crap after that? Or did you not even think about that, since helping the user doesn't matter as much as making moderation look clean?

All of your examples include only me and natnatertatortot behind the posts that you deem to be spam. If you ban me and him, you are not banning "this community". That would mean you don't know how to make constructive posts either. Aren't you and the moderation part of the community? "Understand, care, or know how," all three of those I can easily prove you wrong with by citing an even bigger ratio of valid examples than you gave in which we have posted on-topic messages. And I don't have to quote me or him to do it; the number of posts made by everyone on this forum minus myself and Nate is far greater than the remainder, most of which have questions and on-topic answers.

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