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Old 22nd October 2019, 02:33 AM
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Still-> Donkey Kong 64 (U)

Unfunny Custom DK Rap
897A9C1A C740
897A9EFA C740
897AA292 C740
897AA402 C740
897AA572 C740
897AA6E2 C740
897AA90A C740
897AAA7A C740
897AACA2 C740
897AAE12 C740
897AAF82 C740
897AB0F2 C740
897AB262 C740
897AB31A C740
897AB5FA C740
897AB76A C740
897AB8DA C740
897ABA4A C740
897ABBBA C740
897ABD2A C740
897ABE9A C740
897AC00A C740
897AC17A C740
897AC2EA C740
897AC45A C740
897AC5CA C740
897AC73A B548
897AC7F2 C740
897ACA1A B8E0
897ACAD2 C740
897ACB8A A6E8
897ACCFA C740
897AD42A C740
It isn't funny,please check out this one anyway.
Edited to use the GS Button,this is F9 by default on PJ64,press it as soon as the dk rap scene starts.
Do the same for making your own custom DK Rap code with the code lines on the previous page by changing the 81 on the left of every line to 89 so 817AD428 would become 897AD428 for example.


Edit: Game was being stubborn,code doesn't work on boot activated due to muting out from corruption,that sadly means it needs to take advantage of the GS Button code-type.

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