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Old 7th April 2014, 01:50 AM
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Default Help with controller 2 c-buttons

I'm using a mayflash adapter that has 2 slots for players.
Now both the controllers work just fine for the player 1 slot.
With the player 2 slot, I am able to input the c-buttons just fine, but when i play the game they don't register at all despite being able to assign the buttons.

I've switched the controllers around, it's still just player 2 c-buttons that don't do anything in game. I've calibrated them in the usb gamepad thingy, I've tried restarting the emulator, re-assigning the buttons, restarting my computer, re-calibrating.... I'm just not sure what the deal is.

I'm not sure if it's just the Nrage V2.2.3 thing that i'm using, or the emulator itself (version 1.6). Please help me know what the matter is, and if you know a fix I'd love a step-by-step answer! Thank you in advance.
Old 8th April 2014, 07:18 AM
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nRage is fickle..but a beast when set up properly...you have to select the second controller as player 2 in the devices tab for player two....and make sure the box next to "Plugged" has a check box in it...

I have a Komodo Twin PS2 to USB controller adapter and Player 1 is set to "Twin USB Micro #1"...Player 2 is set to "Twin USB Micro #2"....

So once you have Player 2's controls set...you other settings should look similar to this...mind you the device name is going to be different....Hopefully this helped.
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