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Default Project64k mutual de-sync?


I'm encountering an issue with my friend on Netplay.

In any game we have played, we either de-sync from the beginning of the game or during the game.

For instance, we are playing WWF Warzone.

For the first couple of seconds, we're confirming each other's movement, ''am I moving right/left,etc.'', everything works great for the first few seconds or so and then we see different things. He might be jumping off a rope or picking off a weapon but I see him punching a wall or something and vice versa.

Correct me if the word ''de-sync'' is not well employed.

Is there any fixes known for this issue?

-Thank you


I don't know why it says Project64k instead of Project64 but the screen bar says Project64k Version 1.0 core 1.4
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it says Project64k to differentiate itself from Project64, being a completely seperate product and not being supported at all here or under the Project64 section on emutalk.

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I found a fix!

P2P connection fixes the desync.

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