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Default Game save question

I tried using some game saves i got from a site (.N64 format) and PJ64 2.2 says its damaged.

Does it need to be .mpk format or is there a way to import the save?
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.N64 are DexDrive saves taken from the Adaptoid format I think.

As far as I can tell support for them was removed by squall after rabiddeity quit N-Rage, so you would have to use the older 2.1 release to load those.
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If your .N64 file is a DexDrive mempak file, it should work fine after the 4160-byte header is removed.

This tool can do the dirty work for you of stripping the file, and give you a proper .MPK file, however, its filename has to be renamed to match the one PJ64 2.2 uses.

PJ64 2.2 creates .MPK files per-game in the ./Saves/ directory, and the file name has to match, so let PJ64 2.2 create an MPK first, then use that name. So open the game first and let it create the MPK file, and then replace it with the same name.
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I see.

Also, can I create a dexdrive save that works for a memory pak? On the option to create a new mempak, i have the dexdrive format but im not sure if it will work
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