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Old 18th February 2016, 12:40 AM
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500th reply!!!

Donkey Kong 64 (U)

Smoother Frames
8060F397 0024
Still gets stuck on transitions.

Sixty Frames
8060F3A3 0004
Messed up transitions as always,seems to work better with the other code.

Other code...
8074447B 0002
8176AF00 0001
8176AF02 0001
8176AF04 0001
8176AF06 0001
8176AF08 0001
8176AF0A 0001
8176AF0C 0001
8176AF0E 0001

Better Sixty Frames!
8060F773 0000
Transitions work!!! Even better on with the other code enabled! Some moments can be at 30fps.

Later past 0x8060FD00 address.

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