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Old 16th September 2014, 02:36 AM
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CONTROLLABLE TANK! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Controllable Tank In Main Game
800CC40C 0064
800D213F 0008
First line is what I found,second line is pre-existing character mod set to the tank.

Someone make a YouTube video of this and post a link to it!

Edit:Here is a version to allow entering other areas!

Controllable Tank 2.0
D00CC2D3 001E
800CC40C 0064
800D213F 0008
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D3 001E
D0042A14 0004
800CC2D3 0001
D0042A14 0004
800CC40C 0000
D-PAD up/down for Tank/Conker controls.
Use Conker controls to go through entrances,best used with Levitate to get unstuck.

Cutscenes give the Tank gloves and hydraulics!
Did you know Tanks can ride bulls?
You get stuck though,use "800CC335 0000" to get unstuck from the bull on each phase.

Great Mighty Poo can be fought with Tank!
Just shoot his mouth when he opens it.

New changes.

Controllable Tank 2.0 Fixed
D00CC2D3 001E
800CC40C 0064
800D213F 0008
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D3 001E
D0042A14 0004
800CC2D3 0001
D0042A14 0004
800CC40C 0000
D00BE9F7 0021
800D213F 0000
D00BE9F7 001D
800D213F 0000
Forces normal Conker on N64 logo and game select menu.
Luckily,pressing D-PAD up does not cause a crash when selecting the game mode.

Don't touch lava,game crashes the emulator.

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Old 17th September 2014, 12:17 AM
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Finally found the jumpable line for slippery slopes.

Walk On Slippery Slopes
D00CC35A 0009
800CC35A 0000
800CC3E0 0000
800CC432 0000
810CC434 8000
810CC436 0000
810CC438 8000
810CC43A 0000
800CC457 0005

Jump With Guns
800CC35A 0000

800CC3F5 00FF
Ported to NTSC.

Shading/Shadow Mod (C.Guru)
800CC336 00XY
X - Basic Shadow
A - Visible
B - Off
Y - Model Shading
8 - On
lower than 8 - Off
Ported to NTSC.

Level/Models Lighting
810DCD20 xxxx
810DCD22 xxxx
Ported to NTSC.

Character Lighting
810DCD24 xxxx
810DCD26 xxxx
Ported to NTSC.

Model Hue
810DCD28 xxxx
810DCD2A xxxx
Ported to NTSC.

800DCD7F 000x
Ported to NTSC.

Draw Distance Mod
810D9B1C xxxx
0000=Mostly Missing Pieces (neat,some plugins have Conker in weird placement)
449C=Black Spots
4F00=Some Objects Invisible (cool)
FEFF=Glitchy Looking
FFFF=Background Only
Ported to NTSC.

Drawing Transparency?
810D9B20 xxxx
0000=Conker's "locked up" eyes!
I "found" this one myself.

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Old 17th September 2014, 09:58 PM
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Left/Right Eye Texture Mod (C.Guru)
810CC338 xxxx
You can mix eye types between each eye.
Ported to NTSC.
00-0D=Garbled Textures
10=Golden Skin?
11=Zipper Eyes?!?
12-18=Garbled Textures
19=Solid Yellow
1D=Solid Red
24=Posessed Demon Eyes
25=Money Eyes
26=Bloodshot Eyes
27-2B=Fueling Alcohol
2C=Black Eyes
3F=Computing Eyes!
59-5A=Two Pretty Colors!
9D=More Computing!
A0=Golden Eye (NO!,Not that one!)

Eyes Opened Mod
810CC33A 0x0x
Too quickly updated for normal use.

Great Conky Poo (starts out garbled without crashing)
8109CDD0 9292
8109CDD2 9292
8009CDD4 0092
YAY! You get to see Conker as Great Mighty Poo!
Crouch to look like singing.
Walking spawns level item?

Fixed Conky Poo
8109CDD0 9292
8109CDD2 9292
8009CDD4 0092
800CC2D4 0092
800CC2D6 0092
Uses current model address to make it look right,and it still does not crash!

Always Great Mighty Poo Song
8100D984 240E
8100D986 0042
810088C0 2406
810088C2 7FFF
81013DBE 0000
8100C90E 0000
Pre-existing code,the perfect combination to looking like him!


Poo Size Mod Fix
810CC41C 3E80
810CC420 3E80
810CC424 3E80
810CC428 3E80
This fixes the collision so you can do more things.

Edit:The first war area crashes because of grabbing a random object that does not react well.
Just choose "The Assault" to get past it.

Neo/Suit Fix!
8109CDD0 9292
8109CDD2 9292
8109CDD4 9292
8109CDD6 9292
8109CDD8 9292
8109CDDA 9292
8109CDDC 9292
800CC2D4 0092
800CC2D6 0092
800CC499 0001
No longer crashing,and the Great Mighty Poo looks hilarious in the cutscenes.
Also fixes janky slow movement glitch when selecting Hungover areas or an in-water area!

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Old 18th September 2014, 09:51 PM
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Play As Final Boss
8109CDD0 5E5E
8109CDD2 5E5E
8109CDD4 5E5E
8109CDD6 5E5E
8109CDD8 5E5E
8109CDDA 5E5E
8109CDDC 5E5E
800CC2D4 005E
800CC2D6 005E
800CC499 0001

Play As...
8109CDD0 xxxx
8109CDD2 xxxx
8109CDD4 xxxx
8109CDD6 xxxx
8109CDD8 xxxx
8109CDDA xxxx
8109CDDC xxxx
800CC2D4 00xx
800CC2D6 00xx
800CC499 0001
D00CC3D4 00FE
800CC3D4 0000
Now the most stable image mod ever!
0A=Mrs. Catfish
0C=Mad Pitchfork
0D=Big Haystack
0E=BETA CORNBAG!!! (it even has animations!)
0F=Red Lady Cog
10=Solid Rock Guy
11=Tall Weasel from "The Bluff"
12=War Tower Turret (actually hurts enemies while walking!)
13=Normal Beehive
14=Short Weasel from "The Bluff"
15=Hopping Barn Crate
16=Single Player Uga
17=Mr. Big Cog
18=Jumping Metal Box (cheese obstacle)
19=BETA Scroll?!? (possible Twelve Tales leftover)
1A=Murdered Catfish
1C=Tearing Bullshark Rope
1E=This Fat Bidch
1F=Breaking Bridge (Jaws Parody)
20=Living Cheese Wedge
21=Bull (hates red)
22=Gassy Mouse (farts and shakes like jackhammer)
23=Armed Beehive (with queen)
24=Drain's Entire Hurricane
25=Ball Of Poo (smears on grass!)
26=Mouse's Tail and Carcass
27=Mouse's Growing Belly!
2B=A Bourgeois Big-Bollocked Boiler
2C=A #@%&*$ Paint Pot
2D=Brush (Brushes don't kick ass)
2E=Boulder Head (now dead rock guy)
2F=Better Crossbow
30=Monk's Stone
32=Massive Snotty Tongue
33=Lava Ball (Uga Buga)
34=TNT Guy From Bathroom
35=Skeleton Hand (returns you from dying,lose a life for funny results)
36=Conker's Baby...Dinosaur
37=Pitchfork Hanging "Paint Pot:hehehe YOU STUPID BASTARD!"
39=War Tower
3A=Fire Imp
3B=Black Shirted Thief (full character)
3C=Normal Wad of Living Money
3F=Mucus Uvula
40=Money Again
42=Flamethrower Guy in Tediz Building
43=Space Vacuum from Final Battle
45=Haybot Aimlessly
46=Blue Lady Cog
47=Mechanical Spider Mine
49=War Boat
4A=Submarine+WTF? (Army squirrel spawns with balled with fire/Michael Bay would be proud!)
4B=Haybot Terminator
4C=Green Lady Cog
4D=Air Bomb (After saving Rodent)
4E=Two Wall Cannons (shakes screen)
4F=Haybot's Suzie 9MM
50=Barry Bat (still freezes in Count Batula,but works elsewhere with bat physics code)
51=Haybotinator's Bottom Piece
52=Deaf Cog "Either speak up or F*** OFF!/Well,aren't you the handsome one." (all eyes open)
53=Raptor as Conker (sorta controllable)
54=Buga The Knut (can actually fight Buga while playing as him riding the raptor!)
56=Surprised N64 Logo
57=Money Bag (multiplayer heist)
58=Army Squirrel (from Cock and Plucker?)
59=Buga's Undergarments
5B=Rodent (so cute!)
5D=Army Plane Tail
5E=Final Boss (freezes if bar intro not skipped)
5F=Bullet-vested Tedi? (worth eventual crash)
60=War Crush Block on Rope
61=War Block
63=Haybotinator Arm
64=Top Uga Half
65=Bottom Uga Half
66=Creepy Ammo Crate
67=Army Plane (entire plane!)
69=Buga's Babe (of course she is slot 69!)
6A=Buga's Biggah Bonnah
6B=War Eel
6C=Big Breasted Sunlower (showing her bewbs,and laughing)
6D=Mr. Bee (Play the Mrs. Bee mission)
6E=Another Crossbow
6F=Mutilated N64 Logo
71=BETA Money Bag!!!
72=Berri! (stretching)
76=Panther King
78=Grub in Wasp Nest
79=Mavis The Cow
7B=Tediz Boss
7C=Little Girl
7D=Pitchfork's Head
7E=Tediz Bomb
7F=Spooky Barrel
81=Tediz Boss Chamber Door
82=Conker IMN-1 Suit
83=Missile (makes explosion noise when hit)
84=Button From Defeated War Boss
85=Medical Box (curer of drunksick)
86=Don Weasel
87=Squirrel Sergeant (can meet himself without crashing!)
88=Multi Uga
89=Lit Bomb
8B=Scarecrow Birdy
8C=Living Key
8D=Tedi Surgeon (intro only,crashes main game)
8F=Dinosaur Obstacle
90=Party Uga
91=Solid Rock Woman (try in Rock Solid)
92=Great Mighty Poo
93=Sweet Corn
95=Great Mighty Hand
96=Neo Conker (no tail flight)
97=Matrix Berri (Go to Don Weasel)
98=Matrix Security Weasel
99=Professor In Hover Chair (freezes at bar scene,disable until chapter select)
9A-9B=Spooky Bats (bar/ingame crash)
9C=Villager (mustache,glasses) 9D=Villager Maiden (glasses)
9E=Lair Clang
9F=Male Zombie
A0=Female Zombie
A1=Batula's Vampire Teeth?
A2=Fat Count Batula (bat,obviously)
A3=Batula's Weak Rope Perch
A4=Count Batula (pray,follow)
A5=Red T-Rex (Only use in Raptor mode as a raptor,enable during its starting cutscene)
A7=Coiled Rope Conker (Game Over)
A8=Green Squirrel Flag
A9=Red Tediz Flag
AA=Pikachu Tail
AB=Raptor Egg
AC=Brass Ball
B0=Multi Sergeant
B1=Tediz Sergeant
B2=Multi Gregg
B3=Stitched Mouse
B4=Naked Gregg
B5=Bar Keeper
B6=Mavis Cow Tailbones
B7=Bass Guitar Weasel
B8=Clarinet Weasel
B9=Drumset Weasel
BA=Raptor Uga Bomb
All paradox meetings have worked so far.
Sergeant meeting Sergeant is hilarious!
Tips:Use the WELLYTOP cheat for these on multiplayer mode.
Remove the 800CC2D4 and 800CC2D6 lines to keep Count Batula chapter from freezing? (not tested yet)

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Old 22nd September 2014, 12:33 AM
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Just thought I should share this one.

Conker Strange Behaviours
800CC2D3 0001
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D3 00xx
D0042A14 0004
800CC2D3 00xx
D0042A14 0002
800CC2D3 00xx
D0042A14 0001
800CC2D3 00xx
3F=Lava Balls Everywhere!!!
40=Fire Feet! (don't use too much or it'll freeze)
43=Spawn Arrow Near Butt O_O
44=More Fire Feet After-image (too much freezes)
45=Conker Used Flash
46=Knife Near Butt X_X
47=Generate Smoke
4B=Radiate Light Trailing
52=Straw Spawning
53=BARF IMMENSELY!!!!! (too much can crash)
55-56=Stomp Rubble
57=Honey Fountain (too bad there's no fountain in Conker)
58=Damaging Flame Thrower (crash if too much,getting hit removes fire)
59=Crazy Fire (no damage)
5E-5F=Armored Hive Shots
66-68=Dirt Digging?
6A-6B=Buga The Knut Ground Smasher
72-77=Water Surfacing?
7A=Water Shaked Off (tmcc)
7B-7C=Brown Spot Explosion (tmcc)
7D=Butt Crack Version
7E=Shockwave (tmcc,damages you also)
7F=Blood! (from Raptor ripping apart Uga)
80-81=More Blood
86=Missile Launching (tmcc,can hurt self)
8A=Self Destruct (...and survive,tmcc)
8B=Light (hold for light)
8D-8E=Sparks Flying
94-97=More Various Gunshots
98=More Damaging Fire
9A=Michael Bay (hold for Michael Bay Mode)
9B=Patronus Charm (yes I went there)
9C=Strong Patronus Charm
9D=Maximum Patronus Charm
A0-A1,A3=Continous Gunshots (when idle)
A4-A5=GMP's Sticky Mouth???
AB=Even More Gunshots
AC-AE=More Gun Stuff
B2=IMN-1's Jetpack Flames
B4-B5=Still More Gun Stuff
B6-B8=Final Boss Impact and Fluids
B9=Great Mighty Poo Choke Spit (can cause image crash,not recommended unfortunately)
BB=Barf Boatloads (endless,tmcc)
BC=Catfish Guts Exploding
BD=Surrounding Sparks
C0=Jump Pose
C1=Anvil Form
C2=Jump Pose
C8=Fall and Hit Ground
C9=Rolling Fall
CB=Aiming Catapult
CF=Respawn (lose a life)
D6=Unseen Vanish Animation After Death (unless clear is "only per frame")
DF=Getting Up From Respawn
E0=Dead On Ground (not really)
E1=Dead On Water (not really)
E6=Ready To Pee
E7=Smiling Drunk (for real)
EB=Putting Away Something
ED=Holding Gun Animation
EE=It's Afraid
F7=Dead On Ground (not really)

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Old 22nd September 2014, 02:36 AM
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Extended Behaviour
810CC2D2 0001
D0042A14 0008
810CC2D2 0xxx
D0042A14 0004
810CC2D2 0xxx
D0042A14 0002
810CC2D2 0xxx
D0042A14 0001
810CC2D2 0xxx
11A=Smoke Cloud?
12B=Fixed Rotation (cancelled out when hit)
12E=Smoke Cloud?
149=After Image Conker! (lasts until jumping)
152=Petting Pikachu! (various others when not idle)
158=High Jump Physic? (zero G)
18F=Better Knives Throw
195=OBJECT SPAWN!!! (random level object clones,only crashed when slipping stop)
195p2=Stop using till area reload when no longer spawning objects to prevent crashing.
19C=Syringes Shot At You (can hit enemies)
19D=Another Surgeon Tediz Weapon
1C0=Blood Splatter
1EE=Smokey Shots???
217=Turn To Fixed Direction
21C=Move Forward?
21D=Flat Conker?!?
229=Bette Transparency
22A=Vinesauce Bad (not crashing,just Conker is forever)
23C=High Jump Action!!! (repeatable)
23F=Model Height Change
276=Getting Shot (flinchy)
27E-27F=Face Changes ("really" expression)
282=Invisible (instant)
288=Gets Mostly Stuck (Matrix Related?)
291=More Vinesauce Style Madness (Conker stretched differently)
29B=Invisible Again

Walk/Swim Through Walls
D0042A14 0002
800CC3CA 00FF
D0042A14 0002
800CC2F0 0040
D2042A14 0002
800CC3CA 0000
Hold D-PAD Left.
Hopefully a perfect use for play as mods when characters can't hit the loading zone or walk in small passages.

Lowers Camera
800CC3D2 00FF

Mouth Expression Mod
800CC404 00xx
Just his mouth,can make selfie style talking like Windwaker HD.
00=Normal Stare Mouth
01=More Open
02=Even More
04=Closed Mouth Tooth
05=Closed Mouth
06=Dopey Grin
09=Frying Pan (without teeth piece)
0A=Smiling (from beavers but without teeth piece)
0C=Smirky (Catapult)
0F=Beta Whistling Mouth!
10=Garbled Conker

Mouth Change
D0042A14 0008
800CC404 000A
D0042A14 0004
800CC404 0007
Up and down on d-pad,and it can even be changed during cutscenes.

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Old 24th September 2014, 03:55 AM
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Banjo-Tooie (U)

Finally broke it.

Size Mod Everything
8103DBA0 xxxx
2000=Lowest Working
3F77=Funny Small
4000=Too Big
BF80=Janky WTF?
Its exactly like the Wario World size modifier code!

Skybox Size?
81128898 xxxx
Tested in Plateau.
37FF=Black Sky
3FFF=Ripped Hole

Draw Distance
8112AA04 xxxx
3DEA=Blackness (Banjo is the only thing seen)
41EA=Max (minor shaking)

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Old 24th September 2014, 08:31 PM
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I am just too good at this...

Messed Up
8103D3A0 xxxx
3B00=Hardly Noticable Lean
3BC0=Something Seems Off
3D00=The Insanity Begins
3E00=Slanted Glitchy Time
3F80=Banjo Exploded
BE00=More Glitchyness

Loads more to mess around with for various glitchy effects!

Slanted Kazooie Peck And Roll
8103E3A0 xxxx
BE00=Slightly Slanted
BF00=More Slanted and Larger
3E00-3F00=Same at opposite position.

So many more glitchy effects!

Seizuring Banjo?
8103F3A0 xxxx
3F00=Twitchy (Swap Pads are physically slanted?!?)
4000=MuscleBird-BuffBear (spongebob,can even clip floors randomly!)
BF00=More Twitchyness
C000=Crazy Weird

Screen Width
81041710 3FAA
Needs screen height address for extended widescreen hack.

Widescreen Flag
800799B9 000x

P1 Active And Movable Mod
80132DC1 000x
Game still runs while Banjo/Kazooie etc. does not move.
3=motionless (entering new area)
Button activator below.

D0081084 0008
80132DC1 0003
D0081084 0004
80132DC1 0002
D-pad up/down to freeze/unfreeze your current player.

Global Animation Length?
81124A94 xxxx
3E7F=Green Guy Shows Off,Egg Shooting Is Twerking! (the Beak Barge,Kazooie's Hatching,and her Z+A gets you stuck)
Rejoining causes breakpoint crash.

Use this...

Global Anims Length
D0081084 0002
81124A94 3F7F
D0081084 0001
81124A94 xxxx
D-pad left/right for normal/custom length.

Other Animation Property???
81124A98 xxxx
3E7F=Repeating Frames?

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Old 25th September 2014, 04:08 AM
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Can you make a draw distance code for A Bug's Life (U)?
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Old 25th September 2014, 04:56 AM
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I guess I could try.
Maybe I will accidentally find some other funny codes while looking for it.

Edit:Couldn't find anything,sorry.

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