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Default Army men games on PJ61 1.6.1

Hi there

Im new here, so first of all i want to say hello to everyone

I have a small question about Army men Sarges Heroes, and Army Men Sarges Heroes 2 for N64. It seems that these games slow down and lag a lot in large areas, or in large battles, wheres a lot of action going on, espiecially if it comes to Army Men Sarges Heroes 2, Now the strangest part is, that when i observe my fps its always around 59/60, so i dont really know if this is my emulator config. problem, or were these games just badly optimized for the console.

Im using Pj64 v1.6 patched to 1.6.1, with standard plugins, which come with the emulator

Jabos Direct3d 1.6.1 config

Res. 1280x720
Fullscreen sync: Triple buffer vsync
Anisotropic: 16
Antialiassing: 8
Super2x2sal: checked
texture filter: checked
(the problem is also there, when i turn down/off all of the Video options)

Note, that all of my other games like Castlevania LOD, work fine with these config.

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