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Old 20th February 2015, 11:38 PM
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Default Mario 64 plugin help, shadows and black screen issue.

Hi there, i am having some problems with playing Mario 64.

I can't use the standard Jamo plugins because there is no shadow under mario when he jumps unless i mess around with the advanced settings which messes up the entire background to become completely blue, in fact not just the background but the entire world but i can see Mario and other characters etc and the shadow lol


I went and tried a few other plug ins like rice, glide etc which would not work but i found one that does, it gives the shadows, the gfx are maybe not as sharp as i would like but i have a shadow under Mario now when i jump which is obviously essential for a game like this but the problem is when i hit ESC to maybe use the game position save or any menu option PJ64 goes black and i need to open up my task manager using CTRL/ALT+Delete just to be able to actually get back to my desktop to do anything. Once i do that i can then use the menu on PJ64 however the game stay black and i have to keep restarting it.

The plugin is GLN64, i am on a Lenova laptop Intel COREi3 with a crappy Intel R HD4000 but i had to sell my gaming rig a while back so this has to do for now and it could be worse i guess lol

So i was hoping someone could help and tell me is there a setting i can change to stop the black screen from appearing every time i hit ESC to come out of Full Screen.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks to anyone in advance if they can help me at all.
Old 21st February 2015, 12:04 AM
Mitchcraft1980 Mitchcraft1980 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2015
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Ok i just realised there is a 2.0 version which with the Glide plug in set up properly looks so sharp, it has the shadows and looks great!!!

I only wonder where can i find my saves from version 1.6 to transfer them over to 2.0?

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